"I myself have twelve hats and each one represents a different personailty" ~ Margaret Atwood

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Extra! Extra!

Well folks, it looks like the weather is slowly turning into spring like conditions!  Although we've had a few icy cold days we've had enough warm days that we are facing the inevitable hat dilemma where it's too warm for hats, but I still have hats a plenty to create.  

In light of the warmer forecast for the next few days, I made Henry a hat that doesn't quite cover his ears, so he can wear it without having a meltdown because it's too hot.  Hopefully.  

In other exciting news, our good friends welcomed their sweet daughter S to the world this week!   Join me in congratulating J and R on their beautiful little girl!  Henry is looking forward to a lifetime of friendship :)  S's dad, J, and I have known each other since we were only 4 years old, it's kind of incredible that our children might have an even longer friendship than we have maintained. The world is a crazy place!

Here's the little man in the test shot.  Nice chin rolls buddy!

He's only doing this until his acting career takes off...

Thinking about something

Dad is so silly!

Next week is St. Patrick's day, so look out for a St. Patty's Day theme!


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