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Sunday, April 22, 2012

Let's go Blue Jays, let's go!

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you all have had an excellent weekend so far.  The weather could be a little nicer here, but April showers bring May flowers, right?  Speaking of flowers, it looks like we have some tulips blooming in our back garden, lovely.  I enjoy discovering what is planted in our gardens, since when we moved in, everything was brown.  

As many of you know (and some of you probably do not) baseball season has begun.  Henry supports his dad's teams in all things (of course) so I made him an extra special hat this week.  Hopefully the Jays do better than the Leafs did this year.

Oh, hi mom, is it photoshoot time?

In case you are wondering, I get these patches on ebay.  All you have to do is search whatever patch you are looking for (for example "Toronto Blue Jays Patch" and then search through the zillions of hits you get for one that's the right size for any given project).  I couldn't get the newest Jays logo so Henry is wearing a retro one (the original logo if I'm not mistaken).  Luckily they've returned to their roots with the new logo, so Henry doesn't look too dated ;)

Posing with dad's baseball glove:
 Henry is so excited about baseball season he is wearing his baseball suit (even though it's a little chilly for shorts, luckily we're inside today).

Big smiles for mommy:

I love that little hand waving when he's happy!  We're looking forward to Henry's first baseball game, hopefully some time this summer.  Of course there will be pictures when it happens.  Have a great week everyone!

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