"I myself have twelve hats and each one represents a different personailty" ~ Margaret Atwood

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Superbowl XLVI, Are you ready for some football?

I don't really watch football.  I don't understand what's going on and it seems to go on forever, whatever it is that is happening.  But my husband enjoys watching football, the superbowl at the very least.  I've decided I may as well embrace this because I have a lifetime of noisy boys cheering and shouting at the tv in my future.

As part of my new, lets say tolerance of the sport, our hat this week is in honour of Superbowl XLVI.  Henry feels he is too young to have a favourite team, so his photo shoot is team neutral.  Henry's just enjoying his doritos and beer...ok, maybe too little for that too, doesn't mean he isn't going to try!

Pattern by Beezy moms Creations

Now how do I get into this bag?

Oh, hi mom, are you taking my picture?

I don't think I'm old enough for this yet...

Well, ok, I'll try to get in

This bag is empty!  What a rip off!

My etsy shop is still under construction, but if you see a hat here that you simply must have, please feel free to email me at hatsofftohenry[at]gmail[dot]com and we can probably arrange something!

Good luck New York and New England!

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