"I myself have twelve hats and each one represents a different personailty" ~ Margaret Atwood

Friday, January 27, 2012

Year of the Dragon!

As many of you know, this week marked the start of the Year of Dragon.  In honour of this celebration, as well as my own magnetism towards dragons, I decided we'd make a dragon hat for the little man.  Also featured in this photo shoot, my beloved Puff who was my childhood companion (and I suppose will now be Henry's best friend too).

I crocheted this hat, once again using Vanna's Choice yarn which is nice and washable and doesn't felt.  I made the pattern up on the fly, I really ought to write these things down, but I'm pretty sure I could recreate it.

At first I was worried that the ridge wouldn't stand up on this hat, but as you can see, that was no concern after all:

Daddy making him smile:

Best buds already!

Oh, hi Puff, where did you get that wicked bandana?

Ok mom, I'm done!

In other news, I am in the process of building some stock so that I can reopen my Etsy store, so stay tuned for that!  I will make an announcement when it's ready to go.


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